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  1. The patent for most CD manufacturing have expired. There are no royalties due except in very special circumstances.


  1. There are still patents that apply to the manufacture of DVDs. As of 5/1/2011 these royalties amount to $ 0.095 per disc
  2. Royalties are collected by DVD6C and Phillips from Licensed replicators. By law a replicator has to be licensed to manufacture DVDs.
  3. Illegal and unlicensed DVD copies are manufactured by unlicensed manufactures.
  4. If anyone buys DVD’s from a replicator that is not licensed, they are liable to pay the royalty themselves; only then the royalty is much higher. About $.20 per disc.
  5. Lawsuits are being brought by Phillips and DVD6C every month to recoup these royalties.
  6. In extreme cases Phillips have gone after royalties from end users of the DVD’s
  7. One Stop CD Shop will only sell DVD’s that have been licensed by both DVD6C and Phillips.
  8. For anyone to check a Replicator’s standing, all they have to do is to go on their websites to check:



  1. All our DVDs are produced by our co-manufacturer Rainbo Records, Canoga Park, CA
  2. If you have any questions about patents or royalties please do not hesitate to contact Ken H Rasmussen at 801-303-6100 or

















One Stop CD Shop will not copy copyrighted material for 3rd parties. You may have to prove that you have the copyright to the material you ask us to replicate. This protect us as well as you..

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